Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week 01.41 - Over the River and Through the Woods [Updated]

Paige spent the week at Grandpa Roger and Nanna Denise's house, and I haven't had the chance to look over the photos they took, but as soon as I do, I will update this post.  (From the ones that I have seen, it looks like Paige had a lot of fun.)


One of the highlights for Paige was riding a pony at the Dodge County Fair. 

Bonus Photos:

Paige has started a new game with us.  She will hide, and then we have to run around trying to find her saying "Where's Paige, I don't see her."  All the while she waits to jump out at us when she is convinced we have no idea where she is.  It is great fun.  The funny thing is, you can be the one to put the covers over her, and she does the same thing.  Either way, I think 21 months is pretty impressive for Hide-and-Seek skills to be emerging (until at age 3 when she hides so well we think she ran away and leave to go find her).

"Waterslides, here we come!"

We had a quick trip to Stevens Point, and then on to Mt. Olympus at the Wisconsin Dells before paige headed off to spend the week with the grandparents.  Paige was raring to go, and had a great time at the park.

"I've got an owee.  I need a Hello Kitty band-aid, that will make me feel better."

Well, the inevitable has of course happened.  Paige gets an owee, and Nanna gives her a Hello Kitty band-aid for it.  Viola, Paige has lots of owees and needs lots of band-aids!

"Time to milk the cows!"

What trip to the fair would be complete with out a little cow milking?


Stephanie + David said...

She looks so proud with her little sunglasses!

Love, LOVE the hide-and-seek picture! She's soo happy! How on earth do you choose which pictures to frame?!

Mor Mor Teri said...

I vote for the pony ride for an additional post.