Sunday, January 27, 2013

Month 03.12 - The Unclear Future

"Welcome to my little cottage in the woods, my pretty little ones!"

Well,  here we are.  Another year complete (sorry for the delay in getting this last month posted.  Lots of crazy things going on in our lives that have kept me from getting to the editing.  We had a beautiful October and we took full advantage of it.  In normal Paige fashion, she decided she needed to wear her Christmas dress from when she was about 2 years old.  Unfortunately this is the end of the blog for another year.  I hope to continue it on, but with Leevi's project picking up, and new work responsibilities, it is a little unclear when the updates will come.  Rest assured, I am still taking plenty of photos, it is just the processing that takes up so much time that I don't seem to have.  (I really should try and make my processing more efficient.)

Bonus Photos:

"Oh Dad, not again."

Cinderella Movie Night.


Little kickers practice.

"Yeah, I'm gong to pretty much look everywhere but where you want me to Dad."



"Ok, We need a BIGGER pile of leaves.  We need a plan!"

"Let's get going.  I'm so excited for school!"

The first in a long line of first day of school photos.  This one is Paige's first day of preschool at Augustana Preschool.

"and, KICK!"

Paige was able to perform at the Forest Lake football game with in the Little Kickers show.  She did very well, and had a lot fun.

"Look, no hands!"

Turns out it is a little easier to balance a semi-flat kickball on your head that a fully inflated one.  Still, well done Paige.

"How awesome is my pumpkin.  Trick or Treat!"

Pretty scary pirate, wouldn't you say?  I think the pink hat really seals the deal.