Saturday, March 31, 2012

Month 03.05 (part I) - Breaking News

"Big Sister.  Little Brother."

Paige is just happy it isn't an Alligator Baby.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Month 03.04 - Dance, Dance.

"Time to dance!  Watch me!"

Paige has developed a love for dancing.  I think it is because of watching the Forest Lake Dance Team.  Whatever the reason, she likes to dance around and say "shake your booty."  Of course, it wouldn't be Paige if she didn't include some kind of crazy daring feat.  She decided that putting all of the dining room chairs together would make a good dance floor, and then she could dance right off the end.

Bonus Photos:

 "I'm all alone in my tent.  Nobody will play with me."

 "Let's go Momma, you have to keep up!"
It has been a very strange winter around here.  In total, I would guess we have had snow cover for maybe 3 or 4 weeks.  It has been bouncing back and forth over the freezing point since November, which of course makes for fun times outside.  But not so much for our allergies and colds.

 "Hooray!  Candy!"
Paige received more than her fair share of Valentines Candy.

"I AAAAMMMM looking at you Dad."

The difficulties in front of the camera continue.  I thought with all of this picture taking since she was little would make her more willing to be in front of the lens.  Apparently I thought wrong.  This was about as close to a sitting portrait I could get.