Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 01.37 - Dog Down!

"I love hot dogs!  Especially hot dogs from Zup's.  This cabin stuff is great, I get to cook my own food, and swing this giant stick around!"

We spent the weekend at our cabin in Ely with our friends Breanna and Mike.  Of course we had to roast hot dogs and polish sausage over the fire.  Paige gave it a shot, but sadly her hot dog ended up being counted as a casualty when she started swinging the hot dog around, and lost it in the fire.  Ah well, I guess that is what happens when a 20-month old tries to cook on a hot dog on a stick.  No patience in these kids these days I tell you. 

Bonus Photos:

"Are we there yet?"

Car rides are not going quite so smoothly as they used to go.  With a little help from "Melmo" (Elmo) and "Mouse" (Minnie Mouse) they aren't a total hair-ripping-out disaster, but they have not been too much fun.  Hopefully this stage is short-lived.
"Look, Bear.  Bear.  Bear."

On Friday we decided to take Paige to the North American Bear Center to take a look at the Bears.  She was too young for most of the exhibits and such, but she was able to see a few bears at least. 

Also,  note to self:  When the background provides the context of what is going on, probably a good idea to stop down enough to ensure that it actually is in focus.


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Mor Mor Teri said...

At least she didn't dump her only plate of Mac n Cheese in to the fire 30 miles away from civilization like OT did. Zup's is just down the road where more Dogs can be bought.