Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Week 01.28 - Helmets On For Safety

"I'm ready for the Big Girl swing Momma.  Push me high!"

Turns out, she's not.  I could have told Paige that, but she doesn't listen to me.  Ever.

Bonus Photos:
"Dogs are WAY better than cats.  Just sayin."

"Care to join me for some sidewalk art?"

Paige is thoroughly enjoying her sidewalk chalk.  The hard part is keeping her from writing on the house.
"I should have had this helmet on in the picture of the week!  That way when I fell off, I would have been protected."

OK, so I don't really believe she needs to wear a lacrosse helmet to sit on a swing.  But with the way that she throws herself off of things, bonks her head on things, and just generally falls, perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 01.27 - As Sure as the Sun Will Set

"Sunset again?  Can I stay up late just this once Dad?"

Boy, it is tough putting Paige to bed when it is still light outside.  It probably relates back to my utter dislike of turning in early that is only recently started to wane a bit.  Paige just does not like going to sleep.  She can be so tired that she starts to fall over, and yet she will still kick, scream and cry to avoid going to bed.  Hopefully it won't last until she is 30.

Bonus Photos:



Paige's current favorite toy by a landslide.  Ten buckets that stack, and all fit inside one another, like the Russian Matryoshka Dolls.  She just loves them.  Every night we have to round them up and put them back together.  Can't wait for the day she can figure picking them up all by herself.  (Though by then she won't have any interest in them any longer.)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week 01.26 - A Quick Swim.

"Here I come Grandpa Steve.  You better catch me."

We were in Appleton for the wedding of two good friends, so Grandma Alice and Grandpa Steve came up for a visit (and to take Paige with them for the weekend).  Paige had a blast swimming in the pool, and playing with the grandparents.

"More lotion Momma, More lotion!"

Paige loves to put on lotion after her bath, as well as putting it on Valerie, me, the rocking chair, and her little people.  Although, the concept of rubbing it in still seems to be a bit lost.

"More?  Please?"

"Eat.  Kaija.  Eat."

Monday, May 3, 2010

Week 01.25 - Green Thumb

"Right here looks good Momma!"

Well, it is that time of year again.  Time to get the plants in the ground, and the vegetables growing.  I believe we are still technically capable of getting a frost, but am fully willing to risk it to get a jump on the season.  In truth, we could have planted about two weeks ago. 

Bonus Photos:

"Thanks for having us Mor Mor! It was a lot of fun."

One last shot from my parents house.

"Let me outta here!  I'm innocent of all charges.  I want my lawyer!"

Ok, so she was actually on the outside of the fence looking in at a baseball game.  That is the power of photography and perspective though...

"Watch out Daddy, here I come."

Early morning excitement before heading off to daycare.  You will note she is sporting her custom designed "PJ" onesie.  Yeah, she is that spoiled.  (thanks Auntie Stephanie)

"How come you don't have all those pretty flowers in your yard like the neighbors do Dad?"

Those are dandelions Paige.  They are the blueberry gum of the weed world.  At first they seem like a great idea, then your yard explodes just like Violet Beauregarde.