Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Month 03.07 - Drink from the hose

"Just a minute, I need to get a drink of water."

We went camping over Memorial Weekend (yes I am aware that I am SEVERELY late in making this post.)  Paige had a blast, as usual, running amok with her cousins.  She managed to figure out the water pump without any help, and every so often grabbed a drink of water.  The weekend was a great time, despite the crazy mosquitoes.

Bonus Photos:  

 "Don't mine me Kaija, I'm just relaxing."

Not much better in this world than kids and their dogs.

"Oh, time for a photo on the picture log!"

Ok, maybe two best friends.

Paige loves playing in the grass.  Yes, I am aware there are far to many weeds in our yard this year.  It has been crazy weed battle around these parts lately.

 "Go away Dad, I'm watching Dinosaurs."

Paige loves The Land Before Time.  Can you blame her?

I think she is trying to say that it is strawberry season. The cheese-head was just to make me sad.

"Mmm, smores!"

Paige also spent some time with her Uncle Bryan making smores.  They were pretty top notch.