Sunday, November 14, 2010

PJ02.52 - Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for more photos, including Paige's Dora birthday party.  Rest assured I will continue to take pictures every week to post.  I've decided I need to take a short break from blogging though, as there are several things that have been neglected of late.  Also, November is pretty much the busiest month of the year for us as a family.  I will probably not be posting again until early December, so in order to tide you over for a bit, hopefully this sneak peak at her party will hold you over.

Week 01.52 - Ladybug, You've Got Style

"Trick-Or-Treat!  Smell my feet!  Give me something good to eat!"

We went down to see Morgan and Max for Halloween and Trick-or-Treating.  Paige had a blast, and at the end of the night didn't want to come home.  She wanted "more houses."  She only wore her hood up for approximately 10 seconds of the entire evening.  Which is too bad, because I really think it made the costume.  This photo also marks the end of PJ01.52.  The second year of the blog has been a lot of fun, and I have full intentions of continuing on for another year.  I may not have quite as many bonus photos as time goes on, but we will see.  I will be making a short post about the coming weeks and what to expect.  

Bonus Photos:

"Look into my eyes, and you will see, what you mean to meeee..."

 "It's getting so dark Daddy. "

Well it is that inevitable time of year again.  The sun goes away earlier and earlier each night.  Time to bust out the flash again.

"I play, Play-doh?"

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Week 01.51 - Of Dust and Nations

"Better watch your back e-trade baby.  I've got my eye on you."

Maybe we rely upon technology too much in this day and age?

Bonus Photos:

"I don't know, these guts are kinda gross!"

Paige liked watching the pumpkin carving and playing with the seeds.  Sticking her hand into the pumpkin guts...not so much.

"What the Duck?"
Zoo Boo 2010 was a huge hit with Paige.  She liked her costume, and hand fun looking at all of the other people dressed up.  She didn't even cry when the costumed folks tried to high-five her.  (she has been somewhat scared of mascots etc.)
"Ribbit-Roar!  I'm the Frog-Monster!"