Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 138 - Happy Baby = Happy Parents.

"Maybe this tummy thing isn't as bad as I thought...nope, still sucks."

We are really lucky. Paige is happy about 80% of the time. the other 20% is split up like this: Hungry - 10%, Sleepy - 7%, Cranky - 3%. I like those numbers, I tell you what.

Day 137 - Reach out and touch someone.

"I think i get it. When I smack that little purple thing, the bigger white thing makes noise. Cool."

Paige is getting the hang of making stuff move and has quickly realized that when she does, some things make noise. Over and over, over and over, over and... well you get the picture.

Day 136 - Baptism

Paige was baptized today. It was an exciting, yet pretty long and rushed day. She was able to catch a short nap in the sun in her Aunt Tiffany's arms.

Day 135 - Tourney Time

"Go, uh, Uncle Bryan, WHO are we rooting for again?"

Paige's Uncle Bryan was in town for Paige's Baptism (he's the godfather), and of course the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament was on television. Paige is fascinated with sports on tv. Big shock given her family heritage.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 134 - Another Day, Another Close Up

"Daddy, you're such a dork."

I really like taking pictures of her close up like this. I am sure everyone is getting tired of it. Well, too bad!

Day 133 - Feet.

"I like these feet things."

Baby feet are cute.

Day 132 - Playing in My Room

"These are MY toys Kaija. Get your own."

Actually, Kaija does very well with leaving Paige's toys alone, even if they are on the floor. Well, except for her rattle. Kaija chewed on that one much to our dismay.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 131 - Baby Ingenuity

"I was wondering what those feet things were for. They are for holding my napkin!"

Clearly the only thing socks are good for is wiping off your face. Good call Paige.

Day 130 - Fuzzy Kitty Blanket

"See, that says Paige Julia. That's Me!"

I was hanging out with Paige while she was snuggling with her Kitty Blanket that her Auntie Jane got her. She just happened to hold it out so you could see her name embroidered on it. She loves rubbing it against her face, which inevitably results in a lot of drool, but hey that is what washing machines are for right?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 129 - Watch What You Say.

"No, Kaija!"

I am pretty sure that is going to be the first phrase that Paige actually says. Seeing as Valerie and I utter it about 100 times a day, it will only be a short time before Paige does too. Kaija was barking up a storm, wanting to go outside. All of the racket caught her attention for a bit.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 128 - Hooray for Spring

"This Spring stuff is great. Much better than Winter."

Yep, it is officially spring in Minnesota. I know, I know, it was actually March 20, not March 21, but this picture is much more Spring like. Went to Minnehaha Falls for a walk; it is still "under construction" which is a bummer. Water is flowing pretty fast, though there is still a lot of ice hanging from the rocks surrounding the falls, and it is pretty dirty.

Day 127 - Babies First iPhone

"Paige is...finishing reading everything on the internets."

We went over to our friends Jordan and Greg's place for dinner Friday night and to meet their new daughter Taylor. After dinner, our friend Katie was teaching Paige the ins and outs of Facebook. iPhone and interweb mastered, next up crawling.

Day 126 - Diaper Duty

"So tell me more about this "potty" thing, Mom."

Diapers, man, you sure go through a lot of them.

Day 125 - Quiet Time

"This sweater is comfy, despite the really long arms!"

This photo was taken just after Paige ate her rice cereal. Note the nice colorful sweater that she is wearing. Our friend Jill crocheted it for her. Thanks Jill!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 124 - What IS That?

"I think I can see your eye through that thing Daddy."

Good old sunlight. Can't beat it can you? Had to stay home with Paige today. She seems to have contracted another cold. Bummer. At least we got to spend some quality time together. Worked on some tummy time, listened to some music, gave her a bath, napped, wiped up loads of snot, and had a great time.

Day 123 - Almost but not quite.

"Overshot that one a little I guess, didn't I?"

Paige is still trying to sit up when she gets a chance, she just isn't quite there yet. The muscles in her abdomen and back are not strong enough yet. I think most babies don't get to sitting up much before six months, so I expect she'll be trying and face planting quite a bit over the next two months. Nothing like the giving it the good college try though.

Day 122 - Naps For All.

"All this visiting sure makes me tired."

Paige was pretty wiped after the visit this weekend. Valerie was too. She and Paige were able to get in a nice nap.

Day 121 - Cruising Around Town

"I could get used to this outside thing. Wait, did I say stop? Keep going!"

I think the weather may have finally turned (granted this is Minnesota, so you really can't be sure of that fact until May). Took the opportunity to take Paige out for another spin in the Chariot. When we got to the top of the hill by the park, the sunlight looked perfect for a nice high contrast "car" type shot. Maybe we'll be able to take her outside without a hat and coat on soon. Fingers crossed. Oh, by the way, she is officially four months old.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 120 - Basketball and Babies

"Grandpa Steve, do you think they'll win?"

Went to the Forest Lake basketball game against Anoka tonight. They won quite handily. Paige tracks the action amazingly well. It is almost as if she knows she is supposed to watch the person with the ball. More likely however, she is just watching all the commotion.

Day 119 - Napping with Grandma

"Ahhhh, Grandmas are the best."

Yep, that about sums it up.

Day 118 - Me and My Little Girl

"You don't have to hold on so tight all the time Daddy."

Not sure if that is what she was actually thinking, but her face seems to suggest it. Staring down the 4 month old mark. She is growing so fast!

Day 117 - Daily Tasks

"Who ya talking to Mommy?"

It is interesting to note how every day tasks can take a whole new level of complexity because of Paige. Something you wouldn't think twice about, such as talking on the phone, now takes a lot more effort. In time it starts to become easier again, but you have to think about it for a while. Every time I walk down the stairs when she is in my arms, I am super conscious about every step I take. I suppose that is part of becoming a parent. It is not just your own limbs at stake any more if you take a spill.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 116 - Rice Cereal Episode II


Day two was a much greater success. She really seemed to enjoy the rice cereal a lot more this time. Well, at least the amount that she was able to swallow.

Day 115 - RIce Cereal Episode I

"Uhhhm, that looks gross. Not sure I like this stuff. Can I have some milk?"

Paige has been getting very hungry, and has been looking at food longingly. She is getting to be the age where cereal can be introduced, so we gave it a go. Was not a big fan today.

Day 114 - Thumb Sucking Action

"Up and In, I think I get it."

Quick action shot of her thumb heading for her mouth. Unfortunately for her, she smacked herself in the nose. Keep working on those motor skills. It will come in time. (Right?)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 113 - Swing, Swing, Swing

"Hahahah, This is fun Daddy!"

I was able to stop home for lunch today. Paige was swinging in the sunlight, and having a great time. She is pretty love it or hate it with the swing though. Sometimes it is the greatest thing ever, sometimes she acts like you just put her hand on a hot stove. No idea why.

Day 112 - Time for Bed

"Yawn, I'm Sleepy."

Pretty much how it looks. She was tired. Time for bed.

Day 111 - Chariot Cougar 1

"Now we're talking, lets hit the road."

Finally the weather has warmed up enough to venture out on a walk with our new running stroller. The Chariot Cougar 1, a marvel of Canadian Engineering (hehe), is light as a feather and strong as can be. It rolls without hardly any effort. It works great. Paige isn't old enough to take it out for a run yet, but for walking it was nothing short of fantastic. It also has another attachment that replaces the front wheel and you can hook it up to a bike. (or attach a ski set to pull the carrier if you are skiing)

Day 110 - Thumb Sucking.

"This thumb works much better than my whole fist."

She has started sucking on just her thumb, as opposed to her entire hand. One positive item to note, a lot less drool all over the place.

Day 109 - Dinner Time

"This sitting at the table, or well on the table, stuff is fun."

The Bumbo is a great thing. This way Paige is able to sit up and hang out with us while we eat dinner. She can last about 15-20 minutes in it before she gets fussy. Makes dinner pretty enjoyable.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 108 - Cake Time

"Happy Birthday!"

We went to my niece's birthday party this afternoon which topped off a nice family-filled weekend. (Grandpa Will is smiling right behind her). Paige is definitely starting to notice that other people eat food, and I think she is beginning to develop an interest in that food. Perhaps we'll have to let her try some of the rice cereal etc. soon.

Day 107 - Recliner

"Don't worry about me, I'll just hang out here for a while."

Our big brown chair seems to work pretty well as a backdrop for taking portraits of Paige. The simple brown color, texture and cushion make a nice contrast background. Another plus is that it is very soft, so when she ends up toppling over and face-planting, I only feel a little bit bad...

Day 106 - Wink, Wink.

"Of course I'll be good mommy."

Not sure if it was intentional, but this here sure looks like a wink to me.

Day 105 - Profile

"So how much longer do I have to stare at that light bulb? I'm getting bored."

The lighting seemed perfect for a nice profile shot.

Day 104 - Outie?

"Strike a pose."

Valerie and I figure we don't have nearly enough naked baby photos posted yet. On a separate note...I wonder if she is gonna have an outie. The doctor wasn't concerned that her belly button sticks out a little. Just curious i guess.