Sunday, September 16, 2012

Month 03.10 - And She's Off!

"Bye Grandma!  See your around the block!"

Well,  August 2012 was quite the eventful time for Paige.  Her new baby brother Leevi arrived, and he arrived with gift.  Leevi got Paige a brand new bike (complete with doll carrier).  She is in love.  With a little practice, she made it all the way to the Park and back.  Your first bike is something that you will always remember, and I'm sure Paige's memories will be quite fond.  It is amazing how much she has grown in the last few months.  When she found out she had a bike she said "I've been wishing and wishing for a bike, I can't believe it worked!"

Because I was able to take two weeks off with Leevi's birth, I was able to shoot a little more than usual.  As such, I present Bonus Photos Deluxe Extended Edition:

 "Hi Leevi!  I love you baby brother"

Paige came to visit her baby brother right away when she came back into town (she was spending time with the grandparents).  She also came the next day.  I don't know what it is about hospitals, but man they have really nice natural light during the day.  I guess it makes up for the absolutely atrocious lighting in the morning and evening.

 "meep.  meep."

Paige likes to run.
 "I'm making art Dad.  Don't you see?"

Paige has taken to painting the wood pieces left over from making the fence.  Some of them are quite interesting.  I bet her Great Auntie Sandra will be proud.

 "Can I have some more pudding?"
Chocolate pudding.  I dare you to find a 2-6 year old who can get through an entire pudding cup without looking like this.  Can't be done.
 Paige is showing an interest in the monkey bars.  Her strength isn't quite there yet, but I don't foresee it to be too much more time.
Awesome Big Sister.  Pretty much sums it up.

 You probably don't need all that many pictures of your kid sleeping, but there is something so peaceful and heartwarming about watching them sleep.

"Take our picture Daddy!"

Paige love's her some Leevi, even if he is a "grumpy bug"