Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 01.07 - Rocking-Horse Winner

"Dad, I'll give you two seconds before I start screaming bloody murder."

Looks can be deceiving.  She lasted approximately 10 seconds on the rocking-horse.  It makes for a nice Christmas image, either way.

Bonus photos (because you have all been so patient with this long delay in posting.)

"It's a C-A-B-B-A-G-E  P-A-T-C-H Doll!"

Paige was pretty stoked about her new cabbage patch doll from Grandma Alice.  (Note the t-shirt reads "Santa's got nothing on Grandma.")  Probably true.

"I'm still not so sure about this tree inside the house thing."

Christmas Day at Grandpa Roger's and Grandma Denise's house was a lot of fun.  Paige eventually got used to the tree, and proceeded to redecorate it as quickly as she could.  Everyone knows that Christmas trees look better with no ornaments around the bottom and double ornaments on the top.

"Nanna!  Nanna!  Nanna!"

Paige loves Bananas.  She might love chanting Nanna more.

Week 01.06 Bonus Time

"I think I'll just play in this corner for a bit.  Pay no attention to me."
Paige seems to want to sit in corners like this a lot lately.  No idea why, or what it means. 

"Put your hands up, and give me all your Christmas."
I don't know why, but this outfit makes Paige look like a burglar. 
"Maybe I'll steal your heart while I'm at it too."

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 01.06 - A Visit With Santa Claus

"Come on Santa, give me a break just this once?  I didn't know I was supposed to be good.  I'm just a baby!"

The family went to visit Santa today.   Paige did very well, no crying, running away or throwing things.  One nice thing about Santa at the Maplewood Mall, if you buy their picture then you can take your own as well.

I realize it is early in the week, but there is pretty much no chance that a picture taken later in the week would come along an overthrow this one.  Perhaps I'll update with a bonus photo later.

Week 01.05 - Christmas Decorations.

"Dad, you put a tree in the house.  That's silly."

The Christmas season is fully upon us, the house is decorated, the lights and ornaments are on the tree, and Alvin and the Chipmunks are blaring from the iPod stereo.  Paige seems to find the Christmas tree especially funny.  I am not sure why, but the first time each day that she sees the tree, she just giggles at it.  We've had to make some adjustments with our decorating.  Nothing breakable within the reach of Paige's grubby hands.  The tree looks a little funny with the bottom so sparse, but it is in everyone's best interest to do it that way.

Bonus Photo:  Static Electricity and Christmas Photo Attempt #1

"Ahhh!  What is wrong with my hair?"

A lot of static electricity built up on the chair that I wanted Paige to sit on for her Christmas Photo.  Thankfully, nobody was injured!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Week 01.04 - Drama

"I'm innocent.  Please don't shoot!"

The image is a lot more dramatic than the underlying story.  There is in fact, very little story.  She just really likes putting things over her head.  she had just dropped her kitty blanket on top of her head, and I was able to quickly click the shutter. 

Bonus Photo: The Early Arrival of St. Nicholas

"So, St. Nicholas sneaks into our house, and puts candy into my slippers?  Not so sure about that.  I mean, aren't you always telling me that feet are 'P.U. Stinky!'?"

So, St. Nicholas came to visit our home this year, and left Paige some skittles, m&ms, and a new flip book.  It also turns out that he came a day early.  A little birdy told me that he didn't realize he was a day early.  When he found out, he fired his administrative assistant for the scheduling error. 

Week 01.03 -Puppy Love

"Ahh, Kaija, You're the greatest.  (at least when you aren't running away from me!)"

Kaija and Paige's relationship has been getting more strained of late.  Paige wants to lay on Kaija, grab her, and generally annoy her all the time.  Kaija has responded by being more grumpy, grumbling a bit, and trying to run away.  We are trying to show Paige that she can pet Kaija, but grabbing her nose, ears and paws is not ok.  Hopefully she'll get it soon.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Week 01.02 - Grandma Paige

"Dang you whippersnappers with your running around.  Leave me be so I can put my feet up and rock in this here chair."

I managed to get a picture of Paige actually *sitting* in her rocking chair.  Hasn't happened again.

Week 01.01 - Birthday Cupcakes.

"I'm ready for my party! (I think...)"

Hate to disappoint everyone, but I just loved this photograph too much to not post it as the first one of the second year of the blog.  Paige had just come down stairs with Valerie after getting ready for her party, and was surprised to see a room full of family. 

(and for those of you complaining that you can't believe I didn't have a cupcake smashing photograph for the blog on her is a bonus photo.

Welcome to PaigeJulia 01.52

Finally, I am back.  November is a crazy time every year. I have a few weeks to catch up on, but the photos are almost ready to go.  Thanks for hanging in there and not hounding me.!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 365 - Down Her Own Path.

"Time to move forward Dad. No time to look back now."

Well, here we are. The world has revolved around one entire time since our little Paige Julia came into this world. It has been an amazing time; it was faster than we ever imagined, and more exciting that we could have ever known. Paige has grown through many stages from "Baby Burrito Head" to our "Monkey-Doodle" to Paige, the "Big Walker."

We can't thank our families enough over this last year, because without them I don't know how we would have made it. Not only the blog, but all of the experiences and trials we have gone through this year raising our beautiful daughter. It has been a hard thing deciding what is the next step for the blog, and for what we as a family think will be best. The link that the blog created with all of our friends, family, associates, (and the random viewer from Taiwan or Finland) has been wonderful, and we don't want to give it up. Therefore, PJ365 is going to be morphing into PJ52. At least one update and photograph per week, hopefully some bonus photographs along the way. We'll be setting up the site soon. I haven't decided if it will be on the blog here, or if it will be migrating to wordpress or possibly even square space. Details will follow! (and of course pictures of Paige and her birthday cupcake on the first day of her second year.)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 364 - Baby Trap

"You can't fool me Dad. I know how to get out."

Paige enjoys a good clothes basket. I think I could set it up at a little trap. The clothes basket could be held up by a stick with a string tied to it, and BAM. I'd catch a baby!

Day 363 - One Last Closeup

"OK, Mommy. I will pick up my toys. (hehe)."

Only a couple days left, so I figured I would try to get at least one more closeup of Paige on the blog. It has been interesting watching how her face has changed, and yet she still looks so much like she did on the first day she was here.

Day 362 - Drinking and Walking

"So much for bottles and crawling. That is for babies."

She is walking like she has been able to her whole life. The transition from bottle to sippy cup on the other hand is not going so well. We have been trying for some time, but she just seems to throw them around more than she drinks from them.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 361 - Special visits


Mor Mor Teri is paying a special visit to help take care of Paige until Paige is better, and she can go back to daycare, as it is going on 13 days. (Fingers crossed that it is by Wednesday.)

Paige's daredevil ways are continuing, as can be seen above. You may also notice in yesterday's picture the bright red scab across her forehead. She decided to see if she could break a cement stair with her forehead. The stair won.

Day 360 - Packer Beads

"You're good parents. I bet I won't choke on one of these little beads."

They aren't as dangerous as they look. (I hope.)

Day 359 - Cracker time.

"Eat some crackers. They will make you feel better."

Cheddar Bunny Crackers. Good, and good for you.

Day 358 - Morning Rule Breaking

"Ahhh, so much room in your big bed. Much better than that silly crib."

No Babies in our bed. It was a simple rule. One that crumbled when she woke up at 6:00, just screaming for a bottle, and then refused to be left alone. (She has been a little bit sick for a while now, so I think she needs more attention of late.)

Day 357 - Walk, Don't Run.

"I'll hold the leash today, Momma."

Valerie and Paige got all dressed up to take Kaija for a walk. The weather was recovering from the miserableness it had been for all of October.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 356 - The Home Stretch

"Dad, I hate the Yankees."

Ok, so she hasn't developed an opinion of the Yankees yet, but if she knew how much the Yankees suck, she would have said it.

Day 355 - Tug.

"Kaija, you are cheating, you can't twist it around and growl at me. That's really mean."

Paige has grown large enough to occupy Kaija's incessant need to play tug. She can last approximately 2 seconds. Kaija better watch out, or soon she'll be the one who ends up knocked over on her back.

Day 354 - Arrggh

"Give me your treasure, arggh."

I have no idea why, but Paige reminds me of a pirate in this picture. She is storming the baby gate of the kitchen, attemping to pillage our Tupperware holder or Kaija's water dish I think.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 353 - Samurai Packer Baby.

"Aww, not again. Maybe I am a Vikings fan."

Paige got all dressed up in her Vikings gear this morning, and Valerie didn't even put up much of a fight. We agreed that Paige would switch to whichever team was winning at half-time. (Little did I know that Valerie knew that since Paige had been sick, that her diaper would probably leak, and thus necessitate a change out of the vikings gear well before the game.) Of course she ended up in her packers gear anyway, even though the vikings were victorious.

Day 352 - Halloween.

"Would you like to come over to my place and get some candy? I even carved pumpkins!"

Well, Halloween weekend turned out to be not so much fun. Paige came down with something on Thursday, which then resulted in Valerie and I coming down with it Friday afternoon and evening, and then Grandma Alice and Grandpa Steve came down with it on Saturday evening. It wasn't very fun some of the time, but at least we got to visit.

Valerie and I had to D.N.S. the race, which is a first for both of us, and a major disappointment. I am going to have to take a sharpie to my nice "Finisher" long sleeve quarter zip shirt too. Bummer.

Day 351 - Visits and Costumes

"This is fun Grandma Alice, I'm glad you came to visit."

Grandma Alice and Grandpa Steve came up for the weekend to visit, and to watch Paige while we were going to run in the Monster Half Marathon in Minneapolis on Halloween morning. (more on that later). The face above is a somewhat new face that Paige has been making. Valerie seems to think it is similar to a face Bryan used to make.

Day 350 - Dang Photographers!

"Out of my way, can't you see I'm trying to walk here?"

I get in the way some times. I think she'll forgive me.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 349 - Rocking Chair Gymnastics

"Sitting on a rocking chair is so for the Gerrys Dad. Standing on one on the other hand, now that is living."

Paige can climb into her rocking chair all by herself now. Unfortunately a large portion of the "by herself" means that she tries to stand on the seat and rock. This kid is going to give me a heart attack before I'm 30. I swear.

Day 348 - Goodbye Dear Sun, We'll Miss You.

"What's with the darkness?"

It turns out that the world hasn't stopped turning, and the seasons are plugging along full force. We only had a few minutes of daylight left to get some outdoor shots of Paige tonight. (ok, so 20 of those minutes were lost when I had to have the neighbor jump my car, before I went to pick Paige up from daycare since it the battery was dead...turns out the trunk was open, and the light drained the battery. I blame Paige. She likes to play with my keys.) It is hard to believe that it is going to be November shortly. Paige's second November to be exact.

Day 347 - One Small Step, For A Baby.

"Here I go! Nothing can stop me now."

Yup, first steps. (Well technically these were Step Vol. 2, No. 2-3, but who's counting?)

Day 346 - Pumpkin Delivery

"Hmm, Pumpkin tastes kinda good. We should have it for dinner Dad."

So it was first pumpkin carving time. The pumpkin was delivered all the way from Detroit Lakes. Paige really liked touching the top and the pumpkin itself, but the innards, not so much. She would put her hand in the pumpkin after I scraped it out, but wanted nothing to do it beforehand. Although it is obscured by the pumpkin, (sly move mom...sly move) Paige is sporting her new Brett Favre Vikings Jersey, courtesy of Anti-Ted Thompson Grandpa Roger. (I'm still ethically torn when I cheer for Mr. Favre. I guess it is just a really good way to get us Minnesota Vikings fans all riled up, just to have our hopes and dreams dashed on the rocks of reality again.)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 345 - Como Zoo Boo!

"It's time to try, Defying gravity. I think I'll try, Defying gravity. And you can't pull me down!"

We went to the Como Zoo Boo! today. For anyone in the Twin Cities, I highly recommend it. They have all sorts of volunteers who dress up, and stage different areas with costumes and themes. It isn't a scary haunted house sort of thing, so it is perfectly ok for little kids. They handed out all sorts of treats, like crackers, coloring books, crayons, fruit snacks etc. Paige really enjoyed watching all of the people and the other children in costumes. If I was a better photographer, I would have noticed that there is a J directly behind the P she is standing by. A quick swap of the letters, and viola, PJ. oh well. perhaps next year.

Day 344 - Side-Hawk?

"You might not believe me, but I did have a really cute hair do at daycare today."

I don't know what exactly you would call it, but they put Paige's hair into a pony tail that stuck straight up on the top of her head at daycare today. It was rather cute. Once the binder fell out thought, it got even better!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 343 - A Burgeoning Fashionista

"Are you sure this new coat goes with my dress? I'm not so certain about that."

Can an 11 month old have already developed a sense of style? I fear that Paige already has. Generally she despises wearing shoes, yet, these cute little black (Mary Janes?) she loves, and has no problem wearing. Normally she complians to no end about putting on a coat, but this purple coat with big buttons, that for some reason seems to suggest a little Jackie O (well, suggests to this clueless as to fashion guy), she loves. I can't explain it. Perhaps she will be nothing like her father and actually have a sense of style. I also think she looks like her cousin Morgan in this picture as well. (Who it just so happens is the person from whom she received this coat as a hand-me-down.)

Day 342 - A Big Hug!

"I Love you THIS Much Momma."

She loves you too Paige.

Day 341 - Birthday Card for Grandpa

"Happy Birthday Grandpa Will! Thanks for coming to visit."

My dad was in the cities for a meeting, and was able to stop by for a couple hours to visit. It was also his birthday today, so it worked out perfectly. Paige decided she would rather play with his birthday card (and eat it) than let him have it, but he was a good sport, as can be expected.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 340 - Baby Stablization

"I don't want to let go, it is too scary."

Paige is getting to the point where she is starting to stand momentarily without holding onto anything. Only for brief moments, but I expect that it will be picking up shortly. Hopefully I can capture a picture of her standing by herself soon.

Day 339 - Wetmore Pond

"I'm getting sleepy Momma. Have we hiked enough yet?"

One last quick hike after we met our friends for breakfast. We headed out to the Wetmore Pond area, which is my favorite place to go in Marquette. I am not sure why I like it so much, but I sure do. Paige was pretty pooped by this point though. She fell asleep in the hiking back pack, and pretty much slept 3/4 of the way back to Minnesota. (we made a short stop at Valerie's Dad's cabin near Tomahawk, Wisconsin to give Kaija and Paige a break for a couple hours).

Day 338 - Mount Marquette

"That was some hard work, sitting in my stroller while we ran all the way up here."

We went on a run down a dirt road that we had never been on before. Then we decided to go along the path that said "Extremely Steep Grades Ahead." I'm glad we didn't give up. We were about to turn around when we realized there was an overlook ahead. It is hands down the best view of the city we've ever seen. Better than Sugar Loaf or Hogback.

Day 337 - Black Rocks

"Yeah, this is a good idea Mom. Let's practice walking on the sharp craggy rocks."

What visit to Marquette and Presque Isle would be complete with out a walk out onto Black Rocks? It was hard to tell whether Paige or Kaija had more fun. (Although we did have to try and keep Paige from eating the rocks.)

Day 336 - Picture Window

"What is that out there, I think I can get a little closer."

The cabin we stayed at (called "the rock cut cabin") had a big picture window that showed Lake Superior. The window extended almost all the way to the floor, so of course Paige could smash her face up against it. Don't worry, Mom cleaned the window pre and post Paige licking.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 335 - The Grandpa Shoulder Express

"Uncle Bryan, your new house looks pretty cool from way up here!"

On our way to Marquette, we stopped in Stevens Point to see Bryan's new house. Grandpa Roger and Grandma Denise had stopped in as well. Of course, Paige was the center of attention...again. (It is a nice house though.)

Day 334 - One More Time.

"I still see you Dad. You can't hide."

First shot with the new lens, the 18-105 vr. So far, no complaints. So, it was very cold, and snowy for quite a few days, which would explain why we have so many photographs of paige in her pink winter jacket. I promise there will be more variety soon.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 333 - Thread the Needle

"Come on Kaija, Let's hit the road!"

Paige is enjoying walking behind her hippo-block-chomper thing. She can really get cruising. She can now also slow down and stop herself, rather than just barreling full speed into things. I'd call that a big step forward.

Day 332 - No. 10 > No. 4?

"Can I have some crackers? This neon orange looks so appealing."

Sorry Paige, but no peanut butter until you are 1. Paige is sporting much more appropriate attire, a Fran Tarkenton t-shirt. Talk about a sweet hand-me-down, right? My Mom saved it all this time, and it fits Paige great.

Interesting tidbit for all of you intellectual property geeks out there, the shirt only has a "TM" mark next to the vikings name. Kind of shocking that the Vikings would not have registered their trademark by the late 1970s (78?).