Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 02.48 - Bombs Away.


Yes, that hay bale is taller than Paige is. Yes she jumped right off the bale without hesitation.  Yes, I almost had a heart attack.  Yes she was just fine, and rolled into the landing like a champ.  So much for a relaxing day at the apple orchard.

Bonus Photos:
"It's OK Daddy, we can pretend this one came from the ground."

So, I wouldn't recommend going to the Afton Apple Orchard.  They make you pay an admission price of $3.00 per person just to go into the orchard area, and then have signs posted all over that you can't eat any apples out in the orchard as you need to pay for them.  Paige the scofflaw was having none of it though.  She ate an apple with nary a thought to the crazy orchard rules.

"No Daddy, I should say Pumpkin PIE."

To be fair they did have a lot of equipment for Paige to play on, as well as the large hay tower.

"It's dark outside."

Getting blue and pretty dark on the way to daycare these days.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week 02.47 - Aporkalypse.

"Oh, No!"

Paige had a minor disaster.  She was putting some change in her piggy bank, and went to pick it up.  She lost her grip (no surprise, given how heavy it was) and the little pig gave up the ghost.  Paige took it really really hard. We loaded up as much as we could into her back-up piggy bank and carted it off to the bank, so she could deposit the money into her savings account.

"Yippee, what should I buy?"

Because she is doing such a good job of saving money, she was able to go shopping with Valerie and pick something out to purchase.  She bought a very nice Crayon/Colored Pencil/Marker/Cray-pas set, because she loves to color.  Hopefully it lasts longer than the piggy bank (doubtful).

Bonus Photos:

"Momma, will you braid my hair?"

Paige's hair is officially long enough to braid.  Valerie is loving it.  Apparently all that hard work practicing in church on the ribbons in the song book paid off.

"Let's go this way Kate!"
Just another fun-filled afternoon at the Eagle's Nest indoor playground with her friend Kate.

"Jump, Jump, JUMP!"
We had a very eventful and fast-paced Twin Cities Marathon weekend.  I ran the Twin Cities Marathon 10K race, then hopped on my bike to meet Paige and Valerie to head over to her gymnastics class at Highland Park High School.  We then had to hop back on our bikes and head back over to the State Capitol Grounds for Paige's race.

"I can see the finish.  I can make it!"

We made it just in time for Paige to hop in to her age group heat.  Paige ran the half-mile race, and pretty much ran the entire way.

"There's nothing like some salty snacks and a bit of water after a long race, is there Daddy?"

Paige enjoyed some post-race snacks for a couple minutes before we had to hop on our bikes and head back home, as Valerie had to work that afternoon.  All in all it was a fun-filled day.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 02.46 - Strike a Pose

"Ahhhh Daddy no more pictures."

It used to be so easy to have her sit for a photo.  Ok, maybe it wasn't "easy" but at least she didn't move so fast.  see Just One More Shot.  Then again, she does seem to be developing a relaxed pose for the camera, I just want to avoid that hammed up "cheese" smile EVERY time I take a picture these days.  The thing is, how else can you get a two-year old to look at the camera?

Bonus Photo:

"That a real Paige in there?"  Nope, Chuck Testa.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 02.44 (Bonus) - Cabin Time

Well, I managed to miss a bunch of photos from Labor Day weekend (bad digital asset management on my part).  Some of them were too good to hold back, so I need to make an extra post.

"Watch out, I've got a water ballon."

"What's this stuff?  Who left it here?"

Paige's first Geocache. Ayden got a geocaching GPS, and we had to test it out.  They had a lot of fun.  As a bonus, we found a nice park that is only about a mile from Valerie's Dad's cabin.

"Cheesbuger, French Fries"

"Watch out Uncle Bryan!"

"Let's Go!"