Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week 01.38 - Dance, Dance.

"We're having a dance party today!  How Exciting!"

Well, Paige had her first dance today.  They set up a "dance party" for all of the classrooms at daycare, and from the photos and video clip that we got to see, it sure looked liked Paige had fun.  This is, of course, not surprising, considering the fact that she loves to dance all the time.

"I need to take a bit of rest.  You don't want to go swimming right after eating you know."

We stopped at Birch Lake on the way back home from the Cabin to have a picnic and get in some swimming.  Paige had a blast.  For some reason she grabbed her towel, put it up on the swing chair, and just chilled out for a bit. 

"Will you buy me a swimming pool Momma?"

I imagine that will be the same smile she flashes in five years when she asks for an in-ground swimming pool.  Hopefully we will have built up our defenses by then.

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Stephanie + David said...

oh. my. goodness. pictures number 1 and 3 from this week just melted my heart.