Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week 02.45 - Dress Up Champ.


We have converted our back porch into Paige's play room.  Paige loves to play dress up, and then come busting through the back door to show what she put on.  Apparently she also figured out how to take my hats off of the wall.  I guess someone should get use out of my derby as I haven't worn it in about 5 years.

Bonus Photos:

"Nature walk time."

"Wait, so when do we get to shoot baskets?"

Paige was able to participate in the Forest Lake Little Kicker's camp, which is a half-day dance team camp put on by the Forest Lake High School Dance Team.  She was the youngest one to participate, and unfortunately I don't think she really figured out what she was supposed to do.  I guess for a 2 1/2 year old, just starting and finishing in the same position as everyone else is an accomplishment.

Week 02.44 - Last Gasp.

"Count to three, and Run!"

Well, after the stark shift from 90 degree weather to 50 degree weather, we had one last hot Sunday afternoon.  Paige took advantage of it and spent some quality sprinkler-running time in the yard.

Bonus Photos:


Too much Diego, I tell you.  Too much Deigo.

"Should I keep stirring?"

Paige loves to help in the Kitchen.  Unfortunately stirring pancake batter for 15 minutes does not make better, more well-mixed pancakes.  At least she had fun, and only spilled once.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 02.43 - The Great Minnesota Get-Together

"Hi daddy, did you meet my new friend?"

Ah, to be a kid again, and the person sitting next to you on the Ferris Wheel at the State Fair.  Paige can hit it off with just about anyone.  Doesn't matter if they are older, younger, a boy or a girl.  She is just happy as a clam, and anybody is her new friend.

Bonus Photos:

"The name's Bond, Paige Bond."

"Want to see my belly?"


"I think you should put one of these in the yard Daddy, there is plenty of room."

"Hello again, Dora."

Week 02.42 - A Rock and a Shoe

"How did this rock get in here?"

Ok, so I actually have no idea if Paige had a rock in her shoe.  She spent the week with Grandpa Roger and Nanna Denise, and Denise was kind enough to pass along some photos.  This one was pretty great.

Bonus Photos:

"Got you bug!"

"Just me and my Ayden!"

Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 02.41 - Adventures in Redux

"Later Daddy, have a good day at work in Min-ap-lis"

Another early morning shot of page on her way to day care.  She chose her own outfit.  Valerie is convinced she looks like she dressing like a high-schooler.  I think she just likes colors and patterns.  For reference, she looked like THIS. just one year ago (the second photo).

Bonus Photos:

"What, are you going to fold me?"

Old habits die hard I guess.  Paige still loves to jump in the laundry basket.  For reference, HERE she is at  5 months.

"Eat it, goats.  It's good!"

Paige took her annual pilgrimage to Wisconsin to spend the week with Grandparents.  What trip would be complete without heading to the fair and feeding animals? (ok, so THIS was a different state and different set of grandparents, but come on, it completes the cycle (the last photo)...)