Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 01.07 - Rocking-Horse Winner

"Dad, I'll give you two seconds before I start screaming bloody murder."

Looks can be deceiving.  She lasted approximately 10 seconds on the rocking-horse.  It makes for a nice Christmas image, either way.

Bonus photos (because you have all been so patient with this long delay in posting.)

"It's a C-A-B-B-A-G-E  P-A-T-C-H Doll!"

Paige was pretty stoked about her new cabbage patch doll from Grandma Alice.  (Note the t-shirt reads "Santa's got nothing on Grandma.")  Probably true.

"I'm still not so sure about this tree inside the house thing."

Christmas Day at Grandpa Roger's and Grandma Denise's house was a lot of fun.  Paige eventually got used to the tree, and proceeded to redecorate it as quickly as she could.  Everyone knows that Christmas trees look better with no ornaments around the bottom and double ornaments on the top.

"Nanna!  Nanna!  Nanna!"

Paige loves Bananas.  She might love chanting Nanna more.

Week 01.06 Bonus Time

"I think I'll just play in this corner for a bit.  Pay no attention to me."
Paige seems to want to sit in corners like this a lot lately.  No idea why, or what it means. 

"Put your hands up, and give me all your Christmas."
I don't know why, but this outfit makes Paige look like a burglar. 
"Maybe I'll steal your heart while I'm at it too."

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 01.06 - A Visit With Santa Claus

"Come on Santa, give me a break just this once?  I didn't know I was supposed to be good.  I'm just a baby!"

The family went to visit Santa today.   Paige did very well, no crying, running away or throwing things.  One nice thing about Santa at the Maplewood Mall, if you buy their picture then you can take your own as well.

I realize it is early in the week, but there is pretty much no chance that a picture taken later in the week would come along an overthrow this one.  Perhaps I'll update with a bonus photo later.

Week 01.05 - Christmas Decorations.

"Dad, you put a tree in the house.  That's silly."

The Christmas season is fully upon us, the house is decorated, the lights and ornaments are on the tree, and Alvin and the Chipmunks are blaring from the iPod stereo.  Paige seems to find the Christmas tree especially funny.  I am not sure why, but the first time each day that she sees the tree, she just giggles at it.  We've had to make some adjustments with our decorating.  Nothing breakable within the reach of Paige's grubby hands.  The tree looks a little funny with the bottom so sparse, but it is in everyone's best interest to do it that way.

Bonus Photo:  Static Electricity and Christmas Photo Attempt #1

"Ahhh!  What is wrong with my hair?"

A lot of static electricity built up on the chair that I wanted Paige to sit on for her Christmas Photo.  Thankfully, nobody was injured!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Week 01.04 - Drama

"I'm innocent.  Please don't shoot!"

The image is a lot more dramatic than the underlying story.  There is in fact, very little story.  She just really likes putting things over her head.  she had just dropped her kitty blanket on top of her head, and I was able to quickly click the shutter. 

Bonus Photo: The Early Arrival of St. Nicholas

"So, St. Nicholas sneaks into our house, and puts candy into my slippers?  Not so sure about that.  I mean, aren't you always telling me that feet are 'P.U. Stinky!'?"

So, St. Nicholas came to visit our home this year, and left Paige some skittles, m&ms, and a new flip book.  It also turns out that he came a day early.  A little birdy told me that he didn't realize he was a day early.  When he found out, he fired his administrative assistant for the scheduling error. 

Week 01.03 -Puppy Love

"Ahh, Kaija, You're the greatest.  (at least when you aren't running away from me!)"

Kaija and Paige's relationship has been getting more strained of late.  Paige wants to lay on Kaija, grab her, and generally annoy her all the time.  Kaija has responded by being more grumpy, grumbling a bit, and trying to run away.  We are trying to show Paige that she can pet Kaija, but grabbing her nose, ears and paws is not ok.  Hopefully she'll get it soon.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Week 01.02 - Grandma Paige

"Dang you whippersnappers with your running around.  Leave me be so I can put my feet up and rock in this here chair."

I managed to get a picture of Paige actually *sitting* in her rocking chair.  Hasn't happened again.

Week 01.01 - Birthday Cupcakes.

"I'm ready for my party! (I think...)"

Hate to disappoint everyone, but I just loved this photograph too much to not post it as the first one of the second year of the blog.  Paige had just come down stairs with Valerie after getting ready for her party, and was surprised to see a room full of family. 

(and for those of you complaining that you can't believe I didn't have a cupcake smashing photograph for the blog on her is a bonus photo.

Welcome to PaigeJulia 01.52

Finally, I am back.  November is a crazy time every year. I have a few weeks to catch up on, but the photos are almost ready to go.  Thanks for hanging in there and not hounding me.!