Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 02.34 - I'm On A Boat and, I'm Going Fast, and

"I can't see!"

We took a nice boat ride with Grandpa Roger the day after the Brewer v. Twins game.  It was a nice sunny day to be on the water.  Paige had fun, but found it difficult dealing with the wind in her eyes.

Bonus Photos:

"I'll climb all by MYSELF."

Just another day at the park, just another piece of playground equipment conquered.

"This cookie is as big as my head!"

Uncle Bryan had a surprise for Paige when we got to their house.  He made chocolate chip cookies, and a special one just for Paige.  She was a big fan.

Week 02.33 - Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks and Cotton Candy and a Hot Dog and Ice Cream and ...

"Why is everyone leaving?"

Well, it was the family brewer game again.  Paige came along this year, and she had a blast.  She was a real trooper, and made it the entire day without a nap (but she was out in 2 minutes flat on the way home).  I would like to think that she is starting to understand baseball, but I am highly doubtful.  She just likes all of the treats, and that she can run around in the parking lot before and after the game (well at Miller Park anyway, because if it was at Target Field, there is no tailgating).

Bonus Photos:

Since Valerie and Paige were down in Wisconsin for most of the week, all of the shots are from the Brewer Game.

"I Win!"

Paige picked up the point of Bags very quickly.  We gave her a little bit of a handicap.

"Oooh, look Uncle Bryan."

Uncle Bryan helped Paige with some sparklers after the game.  She thoroughly enjoyed it, and almost got burned only once (bonus!)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week 02.32 - Another Day in the LIfe

"Can we get my car out of the garage?"

I don't know if this is every kid, or just Paige, but she absolutely has to take out every single toy she owns, pretty much every day.  Ends up looking like a toy war zone.  Now if we could just figure out how to get her to clean it back up, we would be golden.  On a side note, just inside of a garage that is not facing the sun is an excellent location for a quick and dirty portrait session, in case you were wondering.

Bonus Photos:

"Corn on the Cob is my FAVORITE."

"You have to stand still just like this Daddy."

No idea what she was doing in this one.  Pretending she is a tree?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 02.31 - Swim.

"Time for swimming in my poooolll."

The heat has returned, and it is time for some swimming.  I think Paige would swim every day if she could.  Had to bust out the blow up pool in the backyard.  Thankfully we didn't pop it when blowing it up. (this time).

Bonus Photos:

"I'm a watermelon."

Nothing goes better with a nice sun dress than purple moon boots.

"Do it againnn!"

I had a conference at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells.  Sadly the weather turned cold and rainy, but Valerie and Paige were still able to enjoy themselves at the indoor water park.  Paige loved going down the big slides on rafts.  Crazy.

Week 02.30 - Hard Times and Hard Sleep

"I don't wanna."

Times have been kind of tough with Paige lately.  The week after memorial day was pretty trying, and sadly this was the only opportunity that really made for a good photo.  She really enjoys travelling and seeing her family, but the change in routines is truly disastrous for her behavior.  I took a shot like this, (Day 330 - So a Monkey, a Seahorse, a Kitty and a Baby Walk into a Crib...) during her first year as well.  That one was probably better.  It is sort of fun to see the continuing expansion of the "necessities" for sleep.  This one would need to be called a monkey, a sea horse, a kitty, two turtles, an angel, 4 books, a big red teddy bear, a bee pillow and a baby walk into a crib....  The size difference is pretty amazing to see as well.

Bonus Photo:

"Where should we go next?"

Only the one bonus photo this week.  Paige had a blast running around with her cousins at the campground.  She really looks up to them.