Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Week 01.42 - Portrait Lighting

"Ok, since you asked so nicely, one more shot."

Thanks Paige, just sit on the stairs next to the north facing window.  (North Facing windows have just about perfect lighting in case you were wondering.)

"Picking tomatoes is fun, and so easy!"

Paige loves to help out in the garden.  Unfortunately she hasn't figured out that you only pick the red tomatoes. 

"Ok Daddy, I'm ready to go running!"

What, you don't wear footie pajamas and a tutu when you go running?  Hah! looks like the joke is on you.

"OK, Elmo,  you are all set."

Paige managed to take out all of the diaper changing supplies, including the changing mat, and helped Elmo out a bit.  I guess Elmo must have had an accident.  Funny thing is, she can probably put a diaper on Elmo better than I can put one on her...Then again, Elmo doesn't try to kick you.

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