Sunday, January 27, 2013

Month 03.12 - The Unclear Future

"Welcome to my little cottage in the woods, my pretty little ones!"

Well,  here we are.  Another year complete (sorry for the delay in getting this last month posted.  Lots of crazy things going on in our lives that have kept me from getting to the editing.  We had a beautiful October and we took full advantage of it.  In normal Paige fashion, she decided she needed to wear her Christmas dress from when she was about 2 years old.  Unfortunately this is the end of the blog for another year.  I hope to continue it on, but with Leevi's project picking up, and new work responsibilities, it is a little unclear when the updates will come.  Rest assured, I am still taking plenty of photos, it is just the processing that takes up so much time that I don't seem to have.  (I really should try and make my processing more efficient.)

Bonus Photos:

"Oh Dad, not again."

Cinderella Movie Night.


Little kickers practice.

"Yeah, I'm gong to pretty much look everywhere but where you want me to Dad."



"Ok, We need a BIGGER pile of leaves.  We need a plan!"

"Let's get going.  I'm so excited for school!"

The first in a long line of first day of school photos.  This one is Paige's first day of preschool at Augustana Preschool.

"and, KICK!"

Paige was able to perform at the Forest Lake football game with in the Little Kickers show.  She did very well, and had a lot fun.

"Look, no hands!"

Turns out it is a little easier to balance a semi-flat kickball on your head that a fully inflated one.  Still, well done Paige.

"How awesome is my pumpkin.  Trick or Treat!"

Pretty scary pirate, wouldn't you say?  I think the pink hat really seals the deal.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Month 03.11 (Part II) - Journey to the North Coast

"Wow, this is beautiful!"

We took a family vacation to visit our old college stomping grounds.  Paige had a good time (and a few meltdowns) overall.  She climbed up Sugar Loaf Mountain without stopping.  (As did Grandma Alice, though she grumbled a bit more.) We hit most of the standard spots (including the Border Grill...twice).  Being so close to the lake again really made me miss it.

Bonus Photos:

"Stand RIGHT here, Dad?"

We pulled over to feed Leevi on the way (and Paige was getting a little squirly), stopping at a random roadside campground park.  It was pretty beautiful.  The colors were in full swing, and the lake was super calm.

"Look how far it went!"

Same lake.

"Wow, so pretty."

Not many places on Earth are more beautiful than the shore of Lake Superior.

"Here fishies!"

Paige decided to try and fish in Dead River with a stick.  She didn't catch much, but had a lot of fun.  She also managed to trip over the stick and fall face first into the river.

"Blah, Blah, you got married here blah blah.  Let's go throw rocks!"

This is right next to the Gazebo where Valerie and I were married.


"Don't drop Leevi!"

The view of Marquette from the top of Marquette Mountain.  We actually didn't find this view until we randomly ran up it when  we visited in 2009.

"Is it this way?"

We took a last minute trip out to Wetmore Pond before we left town.  It is pretty much my favorite place on earth.

"Thanks for the great vacation Mom and Dad."

Every great trip has to come to an end.  This one ended with a little ice cream, and Paige being a big girl with headphones.  Crazy how quickly she is growing up.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Month 03.11 (Part I) - Fairy Friends

"It's so nice to meet you Twig.  I'm a fairy-in-training, and am having such a good time here today."

We took a trip to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, and of course, Paige had to wear her Fairy Wings.  While we were there she got an extra special treat.  She was able to meet Twig the Fairy.  Needless to say she was extremely excited (and slightly shy).

Bonus Photos:

"Here we go Ayden!"
Turns out there is a Trampoline at the Cabin now.

 Apple Orchards have lots of hay bales.  Hay bales are really good for climbing too.
 The Big Impact 5K and Kids Run was a big hit.  Soo too were the ribbons and prize bags.
 Early Camping Halloween was a big hit too.
 The yard took a beating this year.  It hasn't stopped Paige from Playing though.
 The new back room has very interesting lighting.  I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I like it.
 First Day of Sunday School!
 One last dip in the pool before the end of Summer.
She's a painter.
But she cleans up well!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Month 03.10 - And She's Off!

"Bye Grandma!  See your around the block!"

Well,  August 2012 was quite the eventful time for Paige.  Her new baby brother Leevi arrived, and he arrived with gift.  Leevi got Paige a brand new bike (complete with doll carrier).  She is in love.  With a little practice, she made it all the way to the Park and back.  Your first bike is something that you will always remember, and I'm sure Paige's memories will be quite fond.  It is amazing how much she has grown in the last few months.  When she found out she had a bike she said "I've been wishing and wishing for a bike, I can't believe it worked!"

Because I was able to take two weeks off with Leevi's birth, I was able to shoot a little more than usual.  As such, I present Bonus Photos Deluxe Extended Edition:

 "Hi Leevi!  I love you baby brother"

Paige came to visit her baby brother right away when she came back into town (she was spending time with the grandparents).  She also came the next day.  I don't know what it is about hospitals, but man they have really nice natural light during the day.  I guess it makes up for the absolutely atrocious lighting in the morning and evening.

 "meep.  meep."

Paige likes to run.
 "I'm making art Dad.  Don't you see?"

Paige has taken to painting the wood pieces left over from making the fence.  Some of them are quite interesting.  I bet her Great Auntie Sandra will be proud.

 "Can I have some more pudding?"
Chocolate pudding.  I dare you to find a 2-6 year old who can get through an entire pudding cup without looking like this.  Can't be done.
 Paige is showing an interest in the monkey bars.  Her strength isn't quite there yet, but I don't foresee it to be too much more time.
Awesome Big Sister.  Pretty much sums it up.

 You probably don't need all that many pictures of your kid sleeping, but there is something so peaceful and heartwarming about watching them sleep.

"Take our picture Daddy!"

Paige love's her some Leevi, even if he is a "grumpy bug"

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Month 03.09 - Shagawa Adventures

 "Haha, I'll catch you Grandpa Will!"

We went to my parents place in Ely for the Fourth of July, and it was absolutely beautiful.  We took advantage of the warm weather (and warm water, a rarity in Ely) and headed to Shagawa lake for some swimming.  Paige had a blast as always.

Bonus Photos:
 An added benefit to the beach at Shagawa lake is a string of islands near the shore that are connected via bridges.  Paige enjoyed some good old fashioned exploring, despite the mosquito invasion.

"S'mores.  Good."

what trip to Ely would be complete with out a campfire and s'mores?

 The transition to the new bedroom to make room for her little brother is complete.  As an added bonus, she received some Disney princess wall clings to decorate her new space.  She was pretty excited.

 "How about this Daddy?"

I decided it was high time to try and take some formal portraits of Paige again.  It has been awhile.  She can really amaze you some times.  She came up with this pose all by herself.

 Then again, some times she just doesn't want to cooperate. (but it still shows so much of who she is).

And then yet again, sometimes she does exactly as you ask.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Month 03.08 - Wonder Sleep


I came home from work to a quiet house.  Not quite sure what was going on, I called out to see if anyone was home.  After receiving no answer, I looked for Kaija.  Nowhere to be found.  Presuming that Valerie and Paige took Kaija for a walk, I started to get things ready for dinner.  About 15 minutes later, Valerie came down the stairs.  She asked me "Why didn't you come find us?"  Oops.  Turns out Kaija was under the table in the back corner and I didn't see her.  They were upstairs hiding under the covers in our bedroom.  Even more surprising, Paige FELL ASLEEP while hiding.  She must have been really zonked out, because she slept all through the night until the next morning.  I guess even Wonder Woman needs sleep sometimes.

Bonus Photos:

"Brush, Brush."

Turns out, Wonder Woman also brushes her teeth.

"Thanks Gradma Alice."
Grandma Alice bought Paige a nice new Minnie Mouse dress/skirt.  She loves it.

"We're doing Hard Work, aren't we Daddy?"

We put up a new cedar fence around the yard.  (with help from Grandpa Roger and Uncle Bryan."  Paige was a great help in gathering up all of the scraps and stacking them under the pine tree.

 "Who is it?"

She also falls asleep in the car on occasion.

 "Strawberries are awesome."
Paige went to the Berry Patch with Valerie.  They picked a bunch of super delicious strawberries.  It is entirely possible that Paige picked as many as she ate.  She also ratted Valerie out for crossing over into a different row to pick better strawberries.

"I'm flying!"
From Wonder Woman to Super Man in the blink of an eye.