Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week 01.36 - We Are Family

"Boy, it feels a little better from up here!"

We had Valerie's Mom's side of the family reunion on Saturday.  Fun was had by all, but Paige managed to come down with a low-grade fever, and was generally disagreeable for most of the day.  She did still manage to have some fun though.

"Again with the photos Dad?  I thought I told you I have had enough!"

Along with the smiles when she wants to be photographed comes the desire also to not be bothered by being photographed other times...


Uh, Paige, there is a monkey in your bed.  Thought you should know.

"I guess I'll just hang in this parking lot in Osseo.  Seems interesting enough."

Grabbed a quick shot as the sun was starting to go down as we were doing a car swap in Osseo, Wisconsin.  Soon after Paige was all strapped in to Uncle Bryan's truck. 

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Mor Mor Teri said...

Great picture of Brian and Paige.