Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 01.12 - Long-Distance Close-Up

"Good, you can stay that far away.  You were always in my space, and my business."

New (to me) lens is back from KEH where it was getting repaired.  It is a Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8.  The 200mm focal length takes some getting used to!  Not to mention the lens is a monster, so it will take some practice to get my hand-holding technique down.  This was the first shot with it that I was pretty happy about.  Once it warms up a little bit (in what oh, three months...), it will be fun to take Paige to the park and take some shots from more of a distance. 

Bonus photos:

Ok, so I couldn't decide if I liked this week's picture in color or black and white better, so why not post both!  Would be interested in hearing which people prefer and why.


"Oh, come on!  We were so close.  Even I know that there should only be 11 players in the huddle, and I'm just a baby!"

Paige took the defeat pretty hard.  (maybe not as hard as I did, but really, 12 men in the huddle?)

"Maybe we shouldn't have gotten up so early Dad.  I'm still tired."

Paige gets up by 6:30 most days.  Whether or not said day is a Saturday.  You'd think she would want to sleep in too....


Mor Mor Teri said...

If I had seen the B&W first, I would have liked it for sure. I became inthralled with the color tones. I do like the B&W oo though.

Sarah said...

I agree - I prefer the color photo. It works well with her skin tone and the lighting. Also, the pinks of her shirt and lips are very pretty. Just my two cents :)