Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week 01.11 - Izzy's Ice Cream

"Mmmmmmm, finally!"

Paige had her first Ice Cream.  Great Aunt Carol has moved up to the cities, so we went to visit and Paige was able to have her first Ice Cream.  We went to Izzy's, which is over on Marshall and Cleveland.  They have an "Izzy" sized cone, which was just perfect for Paige.

Bonus Photos:

"A says "Ah" and "A,"  every letter makes a sound, A says "Ah" and "A!"

Paige loves her alphabet fridge magnet thing-a-ma doodle.

"I'm too cool to worry about you Dad."

Doesn't she look like she is about 5 years old, and about the most dangerous and coolest kid on the block?  I think I'm afraid of her.

"Alligator, Alligator, Eat-Em Up, Eat-Em Up!"

I don't think any explanation is necessary.