Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 01.13 - Baking Cookies With Mom.

"Can, I have another one Momma?"

Nothing like baking chocolate chip cookies.  Paige had a good time, but kept trying to grab cookies when we weren't looking.

Bonus Photos:

"Uhhmm, I think I stuck."

Paige decided to grab her lamb from underneath the rocking chair.  She didn't plan her exit strategy.   So of course, the only reasonable thing to do was grab the camera and watch her figure it out on her own.  That is what we as parents are supposed to do right?  Allow our children to figure out things on their own, all while saving these things for posterity to bring out at our children's graduation party.

"I'm a big girl, I drink from a glass with a straw, not that baby sippy-cup."

Two seconds later Valerie was on her way down to the training room to get some towels.  Not quite there yet Paige, but she is starting to drink from a straw, as long as you don't let her hold the cup.

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