Sunday, December 6, 2009

Week 01.04 - Drama

"I'm innocent.  Please don't shoot!"

The image is a lot more dramatic than the underlying story.  There is in fact, very little story.  She just really likes putting things over her head.  she had just dropped her kitty blanket on top of her head, and I was able to quickly click the shutter. 

Bonus Photo: The Early Arrival of St. Nicholas

"So, St. Nicholas sneaks into our house, and puts candy into my slippers?  Not so sure about that.  I mean, aren't you always telling me that feet are 'P.U. Stinky!'?"

So, St. Nicholas came to visit our home this year, and left Paige some skittles, m&ms, and a new flip book.  It also turns out that he came a day early.  A little birdy told me that he didn't realize he was a day early.  When he found out, he fired his administrative assistant for the scheduling error. 

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