Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 365 - Down Her Own Path.

"Time to move forward Dad. No time to look back now."

Well, here we are. The world has revolved around one entire time since our little Paige Julia came into this world. It has been an amazing time; it was faster than we ever imagined, and more exciting that we could have ever known. Paige has grown through many stages from "Baby Burrito Head" to our "Monkey-Doodle" to Paige, the "Big Walker."

We can't thank our families enough over this last year, because without them I don't know how we would have made it. Not only the blog, but all of the experiences and trials we have gone through this year raising our beautiful daughter. It has been a hard thing deciding what is the next step for the blog, and for what we as a family think will be best. The link that the blog created with all of our friends, family, associates, (and the random viewer from Taiwan or Finland) has been wonderful, and we don't want to give it up. Therefore, PJ365 is going to be morphing into PJ52. At least one update and photograph per week, hopefully some bonus photographs along the way. We'll be setting up the site soon. I haven't decided if it will be on the blog here, or if it will be migrating to wordpress or possibly even square space. Details will follow! (and of course pictures of Paige and her birthday cupcake on the first day of her second year.)


Neil said...

Congratulations :) 365 is quite the accomplishment. If you think they change a lot in the first year, just you wait.

Stephanie + David said...

*whew* I was worried that I would have to use my jedi mind trick to convince you to keep the blog up! I have really enjoyed you having this, as without it I wouldn't know my niece at all... and now, even though I STILL haven't met her, I feel like I still kind of know her. Thank you for doing this.

Anonymous said...
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