Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 345 - Como Zoo Boo!

"It's time to try, Defying gravity. I think I'll try, Defying gravity. And you can't pull me down!"

We went to the Como Zoo Boo! today. For anyone in the Twin Cities, I highly recommend it. They have all sorts of volunteers who dress up, and stage different areas with costumes and themes. It isn't a scary haunted house sort of thing, so it is perfectly ok for little kids. They handed out all sorts of treats, like crackers, coloring books, crayons, fruit snacks etc. Paige really enjoyed watching all of the people and the other children in costumes. If I was a better photographer, I would have noticed that there is a J directly behind the P she is standing by. A quick swap of the letters, and viola, PJ. oh well. perhaps next year.