Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week 01.43 - Round and Round

"Faster, Faster!  Weeeee!  Weeee!"

We spent labor day weekend at Valerie's Dad's cabin in Wisconsin.  Paige was able to spend lots of quality time with her cousin Ayden.  What trip to the cabin would be complete without a little spin on the 4-Wheeler?  Paige loved it. 

Bonus Photos: 

Well, it is that time of year again, the Great Minnesota Get-Together, the Minnesota State Fair.  Paige had a great time, and here is some of the proof.  We also ran into Alicia, Neil and Amelia (of Baby 365) but alas both of the kids were nearing the end of their ability to enjoy the fair, so we had very little time to chat.  To the photos, batman!

"So this is what it is like to ride a bus?  Fun!"

We took the shuttle bus to the State Fair (it is the ONLY way to go.  No sitting in traffic, no paying for parking, and the shuttle is free.  How could you go wrong?) This was Paige's first experience on a bus, and she really enjoyed it.

"Hi, Daddy!" 

Quick shot from the Jungle Train.

"Can we go again, Momma?"

Paige loved the Ferris Wheel. 

"OK, I need to get my corn to the chicken coop so I can get my egg.  Let's get a move on!"

Perhaps the coolest part of the fair.  They had a Little Farmer area set up where Paige could follow through from planting seeds and feeding animals to harvesting the products and "selling" them at the Farmer's Market.  It was really cool.  She got to take a spin on a John Deere Tractor, and got the great John Deere deer horn hat that you see above.  Very cool.

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