Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Week 01.33 - C'mon Ride It (The Train)

"Tchoo Tchoo!"

We took advantage of the great weather and headed to Como Zoo for Father's Day.  It was pretty packed, but Paige had a great time playing in the water zone, riding the train, and of course, looking at all of the animals.  Although, there wasn't a lot of movement going on due to the heat.

Bonus Photos:

"Ok, Ball, it is just you and me.  You can't hide any more."

"Cotton Candy, The Twins and the Brewers!  What could be better?"

Paige and Valerie took a road trip to Wisconsin (and then to Denver which is to follow next week).  The Twins were in town, and unfortunately suffered horrible defeat at the hands of the Brewers.  They were in fact, swept.  Well done Brewers, Well Done.  Hopefully they will meet in the World Series this year, how fun would that be?

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Stephanie + David said...

I am diggin' the bangs! She is SUCH a cutie!