Friday, July 16, 2010

Week 01.35 - Please State Your Answer in the Form of a Question


Pretty much Paige's standard answer to any question these days is "Uhm."  When you give her two choices she says Uhm, and then she proceeds to cry when you try to give her either choice.   I don't understand it all that well.  Hopefully it is just a short phase.


Paige and Gavin getting ready to head to the park to go down the slides.  Paige also showed a renewed interest in the swings.


Paige figured out how to open the sliding door portion of the camper door.  Now we just have to make sure that she doesn't open the door and fall out. (again).

"This one Daddy?"

No super special story.  Paige is just fascinated by the painting supplies.

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Stephanie + David said...

Fascinated by painting supplies?! Thatta girl! :o)

I love the top pick. And the bangs are adorable.