Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 01.09 - Baby Boxhead

"Ha!  What a Fabulous Toy!"

Ah, the joys of being a baby.  Suddenly the container in which wondrous toys reside becomes more exciting than the toys.  Paige likes to put the little people storage container on her head and then walk around.  It is amazing that she doesn't run into more things with it on than she does when she has nothing on her head. (Or maybe that just means she runs into a lot of things when she is just walking normally.)

Bonus Photos:

"You can do it Packers, I know you can." 

We went to watch the Packers v. Cardinals (Take One) game at the Herkimer (a Packer's bar in Uptown) with a friend of Valerie's from work.   Paige made it until the third quarter.  I would say she did pretty well for not being able to get down and run all over the place.  Our ability to stay at any one spot where Paige cannot run around is quickly dwindling.  I hope it goes back up someday.  Maybe when she is 5.

"A few more lines, and my masterpiece will be complete.  Hey, what does this white lever do?  OH NO!"

Magna-doodles are fantastic.  I can't imagine the number of upholstery cleanings that they save on a daily basis.  They have one at daycare that Paige plays with on a regular basis.  One day when Valerie was picking Paige up, Valerie put it away and took Paige to head home.  Paige cried for 45 minutes straight.  Santa, being the wonderful gentleman that he is, noticed and brought Paige her very own magna-doodle.  (I also think she might be a southpaw.)

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Yay for lefties!!