Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 01.10 - Sledding and Cold Hands

"Faster Mommy, Faster!"

Well,  it warmed up enough here in Minnesota to take Paige outside for a bit to go sledding for the first time.  (we have a small hill in our side yard that leads down to the sidewalk.  It is probably about 3 feet high or so.)  Paige wasn't sure what to think at first, but she enjoyed it as soon as we started going down the hill.  Unfortunately our exciting time was cut short when Paige took off her mittens and shoved her hands into the snow.  Paige's hands became quite cold, and she started to cry very loudly. 

We then had to juggle the camera, video camera, and Kaija, who had decided to head on down the block to start on her own walk, all the while trying to get Paige back into the house as fast as possible to get her hands warmed up again.  Lesson of the day for Paige:  Don't stick your hands in a snow bank, it is cold.  Lesson of the day for Paige's Parents:  Cameras have straps for a reason, and don't trust Kaija off her leash any more.

Bonus Photo:

"I've got your Ryan Braun bobblehead, Neener Neener Neener."

I was just running some lens tests on a nice small subject (Ryan Braun, seen above).  Paige decided we had quite enough of that.  On a side note, for some reason I really like to take pictures of her in these pyjamas apparently, seeing as there is a picture of her in these pyjamas four times this year already.  She really does have other pyjamas.  I promise.

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Mor Mor Teri said...

Hey, that little girl needs some mittens