Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Month 03.01 - Fall Play Time


(Sorry it has taken so long to get back to posting.  Longer than I had hoped, but the last month and a half has been crazy busy.)  Paige loves a good leaf pile.  Unfortunately her shoes don't love to stay on her feet.  It was an interesting fall as usual.  The leaves turned casually, but dropped in large droves.  Unfortunately as soon as we finished the second batch of raking we had a turn of colder weather and the last of the leaves dropped and ended up being covered in snow.  (Which subsequently melted, but we are pretty tired of the leaf raking).

Bonus Photos:

 "Blow out the candles with me Momma!"

Birthday Reprise.  We had another "family" birthday party for Paige.  It was a lot of fun.

 "Come draw with me.  Let's make a picture"

Sidewalk chalk in late November.  Crazy.

 "Around the block just once?  It isn't THAT cold yet!"

"I'll save you Baby Girl."

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