Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 02.41 - Adventures in Redux

"Later Daddy, have a good day at work in Min-ap-lis"

Another early morning shot of page on her way to day care.  She chose her own outfit.  Valerie is convinced she looks like she dressing like a high-schooler.  I think she just likes colors and patterns.  For reference, she looked like THIS. just one year ago (the second photo).

Bonus Photos:

"What, are you going to fold me?"

Old habits die hard I guess.  Paige still loves to jump in the laundry basket.  For reference, HERE she is at  5 months.

"Eat it, goats.  It's good!"

Paige took her annual pilgrimage to Wisconsin to spend the week with Grandparents.  What trip would be complete without heading to the fair and feeding animals? (ok, so THIS was a different state and different set of grandparents, but come on, it completes the cycle (the last photo)...)

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