Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 01.50 - It's the Great Pumpkin (Picking) Paige

"This one, Daddy.  This one."

We spent a wonderful Saturday with Grandma Alice and Grandpa Steve at the pumpkin patch and at the apple orchard.  Paige picked out a nice big pumpkin to carve (in addition to the ones from Grandpa Will and Grandma Teri's garden).  I don't know if she was more excited about picking pumpkins and gourds, the petting zoo, or about the quarter rides out in front.  Either way, she had a great time.

Bonus Photos:
"Paige loves a BIG hug!"

Had a photo shoot for Paige's good friend Kate, so of course there was hugging.

"This doesn't seem nearly as fun as you made it out to be Daddy.  I think I've been had."

"Ok, so picking up the leaves...not nearly as fun as jumping into them.  Even with these awesome gloves."

"Here you go little goat.  Hey, watch the fingers!"


Stephanie + David said...

I love LOVE her little brown boots! She's so stylish! I think it's great you two get her so involved with helping, that's awesome! Did she carve any pumpkins? Can't wait to see her costume pictures - next week?
Love you guys!

jan. said...

She wasn't huge on the insides of the pumpkins. She did like playing with the seeds once they were in a bucket though.

Sarah said...

That pic of her hugging her friend is greeting card worthy. She is so joyful!