Friday, August 12, 2011

Week 02.37 - Big Girl Bed

"Look it, look it. It's may Big Girl Bed."

Paige has officially moved into her Dora themed big girl bed.  She is super excited about her ladder and that she has a nice big Dora comforter.  Every night she manages to get out at least once and bring her slew of books in with her.  It works out really well, because there is a lot of open space below her bed to store all of her things.  

Bonus Photos:

"Hola, this is Dora's house. Welcome Barbie."

"Here I go!"
Paige figured out that she could go faster down her slide by using her kick board.

"Me do it."
Paige did a good job of helping me put her Big Girl Bed together.  It only took about 4 hours, and 1 near complete dis-assembly, but we did it.

"I love bath time."

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