Friday, August 5, 2011

Week 02.35 - Sun Dresses and Spaghetti.

"I'm hungry Dada.  Is Uncle Bryan married yet?"

Well, Paige was all dressed up for the Rehearsal for Uncle Bryan and Aunt Mandy's wedding (she was a flower girl), and she was hungry.  To my surprise, she asked for "Spaghetti.  Ia bag!"  So she snacked on cold spaghetti in a bag.  She was a trooper during the rehearsal, but was too afraid to walk down the aisle with Ayden.  In the end, she did a great job at the wedding, and danced into the night (she stayed at the reception and danced until almost 11:00).  I didn't have a chance to take any pictures on the wedding day as it was quite busy (I was ushering and running the sound board), and my camera battery died before we got to the reception.  Maybe if we are lucky the photographers who shot the wedding got a nice shot of her. 
We spent the week before the wedding up at the cabin helping get everything ready, and we sure were busy.  Luckily Paige did manage to have some fun. (she always does).

Bonus Photos:
"Don't tell Uncle Bernie that it is actually battery powered, this is fun!"
"I'm Bambi!"
"I'm building a BIG mountain!"

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