Thursday, November 4, 2010

Week 01.51 - Of Dust and Nations

"Better watch your back e-trade baby.  I've got my eye on you."

Maybe we rely upon technology too much in this day and age?

Bonus Photos:

"I don't know, these guts are kinda gross!"

Paige liked watching the pumpkin carving and playing with the seeds.  Sticking her hand into the pumpkin guts...not so much.

"What the Duck?"
Zoo Boo 2010 was a huge hit with Paige.  She liked her costume, and hand fun looking at all of the other people dressed up.  She didn't even cry when the costumed folks tried to high-five her.  (she has been somewhat scared of mascots etc.)
"Ribbit-Roar!  I'm the Frog-Monster!"

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