Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week 01.46 - Zero

"Do I wanna go for a ride? Nah dude, I'm just hanging out making my best Chuckie Cheese face.  Plus you're kinda creepy, even if you do look a little bit like the man in the yellow hat, sans yellow hat that is."

Paige's cousin Ayden was in town and stayed overnight on Saturday.  Paige was super excited to see him.  Of course, we had to plan all sorts of activities for them to do.  Including a visit to the old Chuckie Cheese.  For some reason Paige kept coming back to this little car ride.  She just loved it.  Personally I am a little creeped out by that dude.

"Is this the right spot, Daddy?"

Paige is becoming quite the assistant.  She was a big help on a portrait shoot.

"Here is my Blue Steel."

She does a pretty good job in front of the lens too.

"No talking during nap time!  I mean it Mouse."

"I don't know about this.  It is kind of high up here Momma."

We also took Paige and Ayden to the Blast indoor playground in Eagan.  I think the only reason they were willing to leave is because we left the playground to go to Chuckie Cheese.  Otherwise things might not have gone so well.

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