Sunday, October 14, 2012

Month 03.11 (Part I) - Fairy Friends

"It's so nice to meet you Twig.  I'm a fairy-in-training, and am having such a good time here today."

We took a trip to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, and of course, Paige had to wear her Fairy Wings.  While we were there she got an extra special treat.  She was able to meet Twig the Fairy.  Needless to say she was extremely excited (and slightly shy).

Bonus Photos:

"Here we go Ayden!"
Turns out there is a Trampoline at the Cabin now.

 Apple Orchards have lots of hay bales.  Hay bales are really good for climbing too.
 The Big Impact 5K and Kids Run was a big hit.  Soo too were the ribbons and prize bags.
 Early Camping Halloween was a big hit too.
 The yard took a beating this year.  It hasn't stopped Paige from Playing though.
 The new back room has very interesting lighting.  I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I like it.
 First Day of Sunday School!
 One last dip in the pool before the end of Summer.
She's a painter.
But she cleans up well!

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Teri Haapala said...

Love the Skunk
Love the Fairy
Love the Expressions