Saturday, October 27, 2012

Month 03.11 (Part II) - Journey to the North Coast

"Wow, this is beautiful!"

We took a family vacation to visit our old college stomping grounds.  Paige had a good time (and a few meltdowns) overall.  She climbed up Sugar Loaf Mountain without stopping.  (As did Grandma Alice, though she grumbled a bit more.) We hit most of the standard spots (including the Border Grill...twice).  Being so close to the lake again really made me miss it.

Bonus Photos:

"Stand RIGHT here, Dad?"

We pulled over to feed Leevi on the way (and Paige was getting a little squirly), stopping at a random roadside campground park.  It was pretty beautiful.  The colors were in full swing, and the lake was super calm.

"Look how far it went!"

Same lake.

"Wow, so pretty."

Not many places on Earth are more beautiful than the shore of Lake Superior.

"Here fishies!"

Paige decided to try and fish in Dead River with a stick.  She didn't catch much, but had a lot of fun.  She also managed to trip over the stick and fall face first into the river.

"Blah, Blah, you got married here blah blah.  Let's go throw rocks!"

This is right next to the Gazebo where Valerie and I were married.


"Don't drop Leevi!"

The view of Marquette from the top of Marquette Mountain.  We actually didn't find this view until we randomly ran up it when  we visited in 2009.

"Is it this way?"

We took a last minute trip out to Wetmore Pond before we left town.  It is pretty much my favorite place on earth.

"Thanks for the great vacation Mom and Dad."

Every great trip has to come to an end.  This one ended with a little ice cream, and Paige being a big girl with headphones.  Crazy how quickly she is growing up.

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