Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Month 03.08 - Wonder Sleep


I came home from work to a quiet house.  Not quite sure what was going on, I called out to see if anyone was home.  After receiving no answer, I looked for Kaija.  Nowhere to be found.  Presuming that Valerie and Paige took Kaija for a walk, I started to get things ready for dinner.  About 15 minutes later, Valerie came down the stairs.  She asked me "Why didn't you come find us?"  Oops.  Turns out Kaija was under the table in the back corner and I didn't see her.  They were upstairs hiding under the covers in our bedroom.  Even more surprising, Paige FELL ASLEEP while hiding.  She must have been really zonked out, because she slept all through the night until the next morning.  I guess even Wonder Woman needs sleep sometimes.

Bonus Photos:

"Brush, Brush."

Turns out, Wonder Woman also brushes her teeth.

"Thanks Gradma Alice."
Grandma Alice bought Paige a nice new Minnie Mouse dress/skirt.  She loves it.

"We're doing Hard Work, aren't we Daddy?"

We put up a new cedar fence around the yard.  (with help from Grandpa Roger and Uncle Bryan."  Paige was a great help in gathering up all of the scraps and stacking them under the pine tree.

 "Who is it?"

She also falls asleep in the car on occasion.

 "Strawberries are awesome."
Paige went to the Berry Patch with Valerie.  They picked a bunch of super delicious strawberries.  It is entirely possible that Paige picked as many as she ate.  She also ratted Valerie out for crossing over into a different row to pick better strawberries.

"I'm flying!"
From Wonder Woman to Super Man in the blink of an eye.

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