Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 02.33 - Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks and Cotton Candy and a Hot Dog and Ice Cream and ...

"Why is everyone leaving?"

Well, it was the family brewer game again.  Paige came along this year, and she had a blast.  She was a real trooper, and made it the entire day without a nap (but she was out in 2 minutes flat on the way home).  I would like to think that she is starting to understand baseball, but I am highly doubtful.  She just likes all of the treats, and that she can run around in the parking lot before and after the game (well at Miller Park anyway, because if it was at Target Field, there is no tailgating).

Bonus Photos:

Since Valerie and Paige were down in Wisconsin for most of the week, all of the shots are from the Brewer Game.

"I Win!"

Paige picked up the point of Bags very quickly.  We gave her a little bit of a handicap.

"Oooh, look Uncle Bryan."

Uncle Bryan helped Paige with some sparklers after the game.  She thoroughly enjoyed it, and almost got burned only once (bonus!)

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