Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 02.30 - Hard Times and Hard Sleep

"I don't wanna."

Times have been kind of tough with Paige lately.  The week after memorial day was pretty trying, and sadly this was the only opportunity that really made for a good photo.  She really enjoys travelling and seeing her family, but the change in routines is truly disastrous for her behavior.  I took a shot like this, (Day 330 - So a Monkey, a Seahorse, a Kitty and a Baby Walk into a Crib...) during her first year as well.  That one was probably better.  It is sort of fun to see the continuing expansion of the "necessities" for sleep.  This one would need to be called a monkey, a sea horse, a kitty, two turtles, an angel, 4 books, a big red teddy bear, a bee pillow and a baby walk into a crib....  The size difference is pretty amazing to see as well.

Bonus Photo:

"Where should we go next?"

Only the one bonus photo this week.  Paige had a blast running around with her cousins at the campground.  She really looks up to them.

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