Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 02.19 - The Sun Will Come Out.

"Is Winter over yet?"

we had a brief respite from the snow and cold.  The sun came out, and then it all came crashing back down with another snow storm.  Winter in Minnesota is relentless.  Good thing Paige likes to play in the snow, or it might be a little difficult.

Bonus Photos:
"You got any slides over there, cause I'm in the market for a nice big yellow one."

"Nothing like a good swing, right?"

"More ice cream, please?"

"I'll just sleep here on the floor for a bit, OK?"

1 comment:

Stephanie + David said...

Hahaa, her band aides on her forehead just kill me! That's so hilarious. Thanks for continuing to post pictures, I love seeing her!
Love, Aunt Steph