Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 02.15 - Tunnel of Fun

"Come in here with me and play!"

Paige received her very own tent with a rainbow colored crawling tube (not sure how else you would describe it?) from Mor Mor Teri and Grandpa Will.  Loves it.

Bonus Photos:

"Teddy needs a diaper change."

I think the diaper might be a little big for Teddy.

 "What is that giant box of light Dad?"

Just doing some tests with my softbox.  Working pretty good I think.

 "Maybe if I shovel all this snow up it will go away?"


"Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas MorganMax"

We celebrated my side of the family Christmas this weekend, and Morgan's birthday.  We tried to get the cousins together for a picture, but Paige wasn't very keen on sitting still.  Ah well.  Maybe next time. (and yes, she just refers to them both all the time as MorganMax.)

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