Friday, February 4, 2011

Week 02.12 - Go Pack Go. (reprise)

"Watch Fooball, Momma?  No, I do dishes!"

Well, the Pack won and are on their way to the superbowl, Paige has to wear her Grandpa Roger jersey every Sunday.  But actually watching Football, now that is another matter.  She would rather do dishes.  AKA Splash around in the soapy water and spill all over.

Bonus Photos:

"Daddy, I love Toy Story...  Momma?  WAKE UP!"

Early mornings on Sunday usually go something like this...

"Can I wear my pyjamas?  All Day?"

Paige  is just like her mom.  If she can spend the day in her pyjamas she will.


This is what happens when you say "Let's go sledding Paige."  She doesn't quite get that you need snow to sled.  In time I guess.

"This venison stir fry is good, especially with stick."

Although it may appear in this photograph that she is doing quite well with the chopsticks, the photographs aren't quite what they appear.  This was about as close to her mouth as food made it.

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Mor Mor Teri said...

Gees Dad, you don't have to be that honest. Success is in the eye of the camera.