Friday, December 17, 2010

week 02.03 - Cards at the Cabin

"I guess I will take two tricks."

After Thanksgiving we took the annual trek to the Cabin for second weekend of deer hunting in Wisconsin.  Paige got to spend some quality time with Ayden, Denise, Valerie, Tiffany and Mandy while Roger, Bryan and I were running around in the woods.  So Paige wasn't actually playing cards, but it sure looks like it if you ask me.  We had a mildly successful hunt this year, Bryan and I both took small bucks.  The Minnesota hunt was successful as well, with my Dad taking a trophy buck.  Paige was interested in the deer, but continued to ask when they would wake up from being asleep.  I guess that is another of life's lessons that I will have to figure out how to explain soon.

"oooh, more cake!"

Birthday celebrations last a long time.

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