Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Week 02.01 - Paige Julia Meets the Terrible Twos.

"Dora Boots.  Happy Birthday toooooo Paige!"

Paige had a fantastic birthday celebration, and got to dress up as the Dora birthday princess thanks to her Uncle Bryan and Mandy.  It is hard to believe she is already two.  In some ways it feels like she is still a tiny baby, and in others she is all grown up.

"Sock on.  Me do it."

Everything is "me do it" these days.  Thankfully some of the things she *can* actually do.  Carrying a bowl full of pomegranate salsa without dropping it is, sadly, not one of them.  Putting on socks, however, is one of them.

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Mor Mor Teri said...

Does Kaija like salsa?