Monday, June 7, 2010

Week 01.30 - Use Your Napkin

"Nose?  Nose?"

Well, Paige has learned that she needs a napkin or a kleenex to wipe her nose.  Unfortunately, she thinks that each one is only good for one quick wipe.  Add this to the fact that she can now climb up onto the dining room chairs, and this is what you get.

Bonus Photos:
It was a hard week to choose the bonus photos.  A lot to choose from.

"Nothing more relaxing that a little camping."

"Time to color!"

It is amazing the things they have created.  They have these new markers (maybe they aren't new, and I just am old) that will only write on the special paper that they come with.  They don't write on the carpet, walls, couch, face, clothing, shoes or Kaija.  Ingenious!  Paige loves to color.

"See, I can do it all by myself.  Quit trying to do stuff for me."

Eating cereal (with milk) with a spoon.  Check.

"Why is the water falling out of the sky Daddy?  And why are you standing in it?"

Paige was looking out the window at the rain, and I had to run outside and get a shot.  (Thankfully I grabbed the D200, rather than the D70s, because it has weather sealing...)

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Stephanie + David said...

Those markers have been out for at least 4 years... but I agree with you that they are fantastic! I like how you can tell that she experimented with drawing on the back of the pad, and it didn't quite work. ;o)

Thanks for all the bonus pictures! She's such a cutie. I like her hair with just the bangs pulled back in a pony... adorable!