Thursday, June 3, 2010

Week 01.29 - I Pledge Allegiance to Who?

 "Great Grandma Dori, do you know who we should be rooting for?  I don't get it..."

Well, Round One of Brewers v. Twins was a rousing success for ye olde Minnesota Twins.  A whole troupe of cheese-eating, beer drinking, sconnie's came to town for the game (aka Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, Uncle and Aunt-to-Be) on Sunday.  Sounds like it was a fantastic game (I wouldn't know, as Paige was not having any of the sitting and waiting for a baseball game to happen.  We managed to catch the first inning live, and the ninth inning on the tv near the concession stand.)  I give Target Field an "A" for game viewing and actual baseball, an A for accessibility of food and beverage, a D- for logistical planning (aka the layout of stairs/access to get to the upper decks is crazy stupid), a C for location, and an F for failing to put a retractable roof on the stupid thing.  Although if you were to ask me my scorecard for the old Dome, it would be straight C- to F's across the board.

Bonus Photos:

"No, It says "Twins" on my shirt silly."


We went camping in Stevens Point for the weekend with a large portion of Valerie's family.  We had a great time.  Paige was able to take more than a few rides in her new "all-terrain" edition of the classic Radio Flyer. 

"Noodles?  I thought I hated noodles, but these are fun."


Stephanie + David said...

A. The wagon picture is super rad.

B. That picture of Bryan and Paige is priceless. I think that one is frame-worthy.

Mor Mor Teri said...

Thanks for the pics. Love them ALL.