Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 317 - I've got a fever... of 103.

"I think I'll just rest my eyes for a minute in between courses if you don't mind."

Our friends Jason and Bridget brought their daughter Kate over for a visit and to grill out. It was a very nice visit. Fun to spend time with some other young parents wading their way through all of this. Kate is walking like a maniac and is ready to take on the world. It is hard to believe, but the last time that Kate and Bridget came over, Kate was about the same age as Paige is now (Day 28). It seemed so impossible that she would grow as much as she has in the last ten months. She has grown, however, and it is amazing to see where she will be heading soon.

During dinner though, Paige was very tired, and even fell asleep. By 9:00 she was running a fever of 103. Thankfully the infant motrin got her fever under control, and by morning she was ready to play and have fun again. Exhausted from the evening, but so happy she pulled through whatever it was so quickly. There must be something going around daycare.

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This is a fantastic shot!