Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Month 03.06 - Hula Hoopin'

 "See Daddy, its easy to hoop."

Paige received a hula hoop from the Easter Bunny.  She really enjoyed swinging it around, and has even started to get the hang of it a bit.

Bonus Photos:

 "Is Grandma here yet?"

Grandma Alice was coming for a visit.  Paige decided to wait on the curb (for almost 30 minutes) until she arrived.

 "I don't see any Easter Eggs back here Daddy."

"It's an UMBRELLA!"

 "I'll just sample this one rice krispie treat egg. Ok, Momma?

 "Mor Mor, How do you make a waffle?
Paige and I took a trip up to Ely to see my parents.  Paige learned the ins and outs of waffle making.

"Happy Birthday Daddy!"

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